• Antenna amplifier


UW854 is an active UHF wireless directional antenna with dual-polarized log-periodic arrays . Compared with the 1/ 2 wavelength omnidirectional antenna , cardioid polar pattern to more effectively receiving a predetermined signal coverage area , and more effectively resist the RF signals outside the area covered by the scope.Tocompensate for signal loss coaxial cable , onboard amplifiers provide user-selectable 3 or 10 dB gain . Gain setting is displayed by two LED lights . Antenna amplifier remote 12V DC power supply , provided by the UW845 antenna via coaxial cable distribution system . can be mounted on a microphone stand , suspended from the ceiling or using a rotary adapter bracket mounted on the wall . able to withstand adverse weather , suitable for outdoor use . Use two antenna diversity for optimal performance . Working range : > 200M Antenna signal distribution system with 5-way , broadband UHF ( 470-960MHz ) , External 4 groups 12V / 1A DC current ( DC power ).


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